Fuego Sounds Podcast

Motivation comes from all sorts of places. It can come from the strangest of places, or some place all to familiar.


My motivation to create a YouTube channel actually came from a podcast. Xavier McNeil is a student that attends Drake University, and also the creator of FuegoSounds Podcast.

When my cousin told me he started a podcast it lit a fire under me to turn my ideas into reality.

He is an enormous reason my channel is existing right now, but enough about my stuff.
FuegoSounds is the real reason we are here right now. As an attempt to express himself creatively through music, but lacking the know how the podcast was instead created.

“I wanted to do something worth doing while in college.”

Meet Xavier McNeil himself

We all want to leave our stamp on the world. We do this while in college and further on in life. It is a great opportunity we all have while still in college.

We have a lot more free time to work on projects that we may be passionate about. Xavier and I also talked about something similar awhile back.

He explained to me that we should take advantage of our time in college. I feel as college students we are in the middle of the real world, and a relaxed sort of life.

These are crucial moments which should not be taken for granted. Xavier has taken a couple of steps in the right direction. FuegoSounds is about an hour of underground artists, and some known artists music.

Xavier introduces the music as well as entertaining the viewers. New artist are always looking for more platforms to promote their work. This is what he had in mind when he was in the process of creating his podcast.

He wanted to give himself, and others up-in-coming another platform in which you can promote your craft.

With so much music out in the world there is a high demand for a means to promote it.
The diversity of the music this podcast offers is what sets it apart. The overall energy that the host brings is what makes it stand out.

The brand that McNeil is building has been up and running for a full year now.
Through hard work and dedication he started this from the ground up.

Working three jobs at one point just to buy all the equipment. FuegoSounds Podcast did not appear out of nowhere; this is the manifestation of hours of endless work on Xavier’s part.


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