Johnny Boy

We were told growing up that playing videos could never create the kind of living another career, or job could.

Well as the world changed, so did it’s view on video games; and the people that played them. Over the years outlets such as YouTube, and Twitch have helped the gaming community make a living out of what they are passionate about too.

I have known John Henry for most of my life, and we have been playing video games with each other as long as I can remember. He has always had a natural talent to be great at any game he plays.

That love for video games, and passion to create has led him down a similar path as me.

Henry started his channel long before I did, and he was also a key factor in me starting my journey with YouTube. He streams games that he likes to play, and sometimes plays with the people that are watching his stream.

I remember over this past summer John and I played NBA 2k17 with subscriber of his, and went on a 6 game win streak. It was a fun and entertaining time. John kept the attention of his subscriber, and made sure he was involved in all things we were doing.

The viewer got a chance to hang with a couple of our friends, and got the full JohnJohnj56 experience.

I’m usually in a xbox live party with John while he is streaming, and how he treats his viewers is also another quality I admire. He doesn’t take a single one for granted, and always appreciates anything his subscribers do for him.

John had always joked that he would make money off video games, but deep down he and I knew he could make it happen. His love for what he does makes it so that he can’t do anything but succeed.

I love when my friends follow their dreams, and  are succeeding in what makes them happy.

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